Pcsx2 & Multilenguage games
Hi i have a problem with the multi lenguage games.
I try to run the game (multi5) but i cant switch the lenguage it start in Chinese and there is no way to change no menù nothing.
I try with this games:
Shadow the hedgehog
Final fantasy 7 dirge of cerberus
same problem for both.
I hope someone can help me Sad
thanks in advance

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Try changing the language from the BIOS first (use cdvdnull plugin then switch it back later), then you will probably need to launch games with "run > execute".
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This is the bios?
[Image: 140jmg7.jpg]
I'm italian and this is in italian i think is correct...
I try to run game with 'run > execute' and i get a classic windows error with send report etc...
are you running game as disk or have you ripped a copy of your disk to your computer?
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I run with .iso file (games image)

This is a screen from shadow the hedgehog .iso file
[Image: ouutra.jpg]
You have to rip the whole disc as an iso file with an application like imgburn or poweriso. And then run iso file you get from that.

In other words, you ain't trying to run the game but a file on the cd.
I re-downloaded pcsx2 and plugins updated (i think this is the problem) and restarted the pc several times and now with the command 'run -> execute' works fine starts in italian lenguage!
I have a problem with sonic heroes does not recognize the CD with 'run-execute' but with 'cd run' it start in Chinese but i think is badly burned with power iso... so I'll try to burn it again i will keep you updated...
thanks to all 4 your support
greetings from italy Laugh
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