Pcsx2 PAL recording
So,i´ve been a member in here for like a year now but this is my first post so...yeah lol
So i have the game Dark Chronicle (PAL) and i wanted to record a walkthrough with pcsx2,but the thing is i don´t like PAL framerate and i want to record it in NTSC.
So today i tried it,set the PAL framerate to 59.94,used the (vfw) ffdshow video encoder and started recording it.
When i finished i opened sony vegas and noticed that the audio was not in sync with the video...WHY???

[Image: 270603-F89PSSR.jpg]
[Image: 270609-7TG9Q16.jpg]
[Image: 270602-36IB7W4.jpg]
Capture Settings:
[Image: 270608-FKUVMYD.jpg]
Ffdshow settings:
[Image: 270630-84MGJ8Y.gif]
[Image: 270613-T270UCY.jpg]
[Image: 270636-DXQ3GKH.gif]
[Image: 270616-STOQOZJ.jpg]

How it looks on Sony Vegas:
[Image: 270618-NISP4Q0.jpg]

So,is this fixable?


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Because the sound is running too fast, since full speed for the game would actually be 50 FPS and not 60 FPS. Try setting synchronizing mode in SPu2-X to Async mix or none
[Image: newsig.jpg]
the game is in pal..
which i believe clocked to run max at 50fps..graphics,video,sound..
if more then it should cause problems..
a pal game that run 60fps would be like a bit fast forward speed for me..
well when i recorded a video usually there's 2 files which is video and sound file..
i combined those and walla..nice video and sound..
but i don't remember which setting tho..Tongue
[Image: 871087.png]

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Wow,thanks for replying so fast Smile
Well,i tried both async and none and..well Async was laggy and none was just like timestretch Sad
Right, OK.

First, changing the internal framerate will play havoc with timing. You just can't do it if you want tight synchronization. If you want PAL gameplay at 60fps then record a video at 50 and use a time remapping plugin such as Twixtor to resample the framerate. They do it by motion prediction so they're pretty slow and don't always look great, but it's the way professionals do it.

Second, if you don't have the space to store uncompressed footage on your hard drive, at least try and use a lossless codec like HuffYUV so you don't have to perform multiple lossy-lossy transcodes. I would recommend using x264 in lossless mode as this will offer the best compression by far, but your editor might not like it. You might also want to limit it to one core so it doesn't steal your entire CPU. Download x264vfw if you want to give it a try.
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Thanks for the tips Smile
So first off i tried the x264vfw alternative u gave me...downloaded it,installed it and fired up pcsx2 for recording,,selected single pass lossless just like u said and started recording..odd as it may look like i didn´t see any reduction on framerate so i exit pcsx2 went to check the recording and well,there was nothing recorded on the sample file Sad
Next i tried HuffYUV encoder and i gotta say the quality of the video was great!!! but the filesize was just too monstruous lol not to mention the audio wasn´t in sync yet again Sad
I was now gonna try Twixtor,but after some search i found out it doesn´t work on sony vegas plus you have to pay in order to have the full version so that was a no go...
Lastly i tried putting the pal framerate back to 50 and selected vfw xvid mpeg4 codec..in this codec´s configuration there was an option to put the video frame rate to ntsc so i selected it...then finished recording opened the files in sony vegas and voilà audio in sync with the video!!!
I´m preety sure it´s good now,tough i must say..after rendering the video in sony avc (which is the only codec i use on sony vegas only god knows why) i noticed very visible motion blur which was not present on the original file...is there a way to remove it?maybe by using another codec or changing some rendering options?
I'm guessing Sony is exporting the AVC file as less than 50fps and it's using some kind of blend mode to downsample, this is what will give that motion blur effect. You need to change the export framerate to 50fps or downsample before exporting by using another method (there should be a "convert framerate" option somewhere)
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Thanks i think it worked!!!
I´m gonna upload tomorrow the sample and the rendered video so you can see if it´s ok
Actually the video is still in pal Sad
Well at least it´s not blurry anymore so thanks Smile
Guess i´ll have to deal with pal for now...

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