Pcsx2 Versus Pcsx2 Etreme Edition ( frame rate is everything )
I would like to make this thread an keep it as clean as possible.

I am creating this thread in light of what I have experienced by testing different variations of pcsx2 softwarez and by no means want no one to side with my choices.

The choice is yours.BiggrinBiggrin

This is by no means a disrespect to the MOD or development team here.


That being said let me get started.

I am a bit of a Newb when it comes to these ROM emulation softwarez, I have decided to try out this pcsx2 software being my brother had used it an he has reported success with it.

He gave me a couple of PS2 ROMS that he created an his PS2 bios folder, now being he is no longer around with helping me on the setup an the initiation of this pcsx2 software, so I am on my own with it now.

Anyway, after a little research an testing I found myself struggling with this software frames per second issues.

Did not know why being I have fairly decent P.C. specs.


Windows Xp 64
two Ati 9800 cards in crossfire
8GB of DDR2 memory
Quad Core processor @ 2.50 GHz


But still I would struggle to try to keep my fps rates above 50 or 60 while playing certain games that have a lot of fast paced fighting scenes & action sequences?

I have read a few topics here, an from what I have read they basically canceled my P.C. out because of my SPECS because I am Ati gfx card user, I was on the verge of giving up playing PS2 games on my system until I came across a different variation of the Pcsx2 software.

I think it is more of less a Japanese version the software "Pcsx2 Extreme" the only part of this Japanese version I don't like the configurations an the product is in another language, which I don't even think is Japanese, or rather it's partially read in Japanese an some other code language.

It did not work right at first as far as the graphics were concerned and it was a pain to configure being I could not understand the language.

But I did notice that the fps fates were through the roof, I was easily clocking 60 too 100 fps , so I had to try to find a way to force this software to work.

Which I did, now I am running fast paced games with no problems.

Why is the pcsx2 emulator edition offered here not as good as the Japanese extreme edition?

I would hope in the future that the pcsx2 edition offered here inherits the Japanese versions playability.

I have played other emulators on my system before, for instance the Game Cube Wii emulator which ran smoothly with a high fps rate, running both Game Cube & Wii games, don't know why this pcsx2 software issued here struggles so hard to play games.

But I still support it : )

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Quote:He gave me a couple of PS2 ROMS that he created an his PS2 bios folder

read the forum rules, please.

and speaking about unofficial builds is just not allowed here either
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It's not just an unofficial build, it's an ILLEGAL HACK of PCSX2. If you want to use that crap, be my guest but you won't mention,distribute or talk about it here.
This PCSX2 'extreme' edition IS PCSX2, just hacked to death to get a couple more FPS. If you really want to see which is 'best' maybe check out the compatibility this hack has compared to the official PCSX2. You missed that while drooling over the awesomez FPS the hacks give you.
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