Pcsx2 Wont Swap Discs
So im tyring to swap discs but when i press ESC on the current disc and go to change disc it just says in the background resetting (it doesnt disc swap) and it doesnt even ask me if i want to reset ot disc swap. I want to get that window to pop up so i can disc swap and continue. Like i said i open up the game load my file and advance the tiny bit where it saks to enter new disc. I press ESC to close / pause / minimize it and then i swap discs but it just resets the emulater rather than swapping.

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What game are you disc swapping with? None of the Keoi Xtreme Legends work on PCSX2 for disc swapping (unless i missed some huge update)

Also, what PCSX2 version are you running?
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I am running 0.9.8. Im just doing a general swap from ff9 2-3 i know there is not any problems with it. I have also tried other games like ffx to ffxii or even downloaded codebreaker to try codebreaker to anything and nothing is working. i just want to get from 2-3 to continue.
Yeah not even codebreaker to ffx or codebreaker to ffxii is working and i thought it was maybe just ff9 cause its a ps1 game but nope its any file. i could get it to work if the prompt came up asking to reset or swap but it doesnt.
You probably clicked "reset" and checked do not show this window again, so you no longer get the prompt. Use Config->Clear all settings to fix this (although as it says, it will clear all your other settings too)
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