Pcsx2 and CD plugin in Linux
I've installed the Pcsx2 emulator and it seems to working well, but i can't load any game on it. I see the beginning animation of ps2, but my cd doesnt work. Do I need any extra plugin for that?

Below I give you screenshot
[Image: zrzutekranu1.th.jpg]

That beginning works only when I change cdvd plugin. When I try tu use Linuzapps plugin I got "Error opening CDVD Plugin" message

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I'm trying to build it from sources and I'm getting lots of include problems, which version of linux are you using? did you compiled it by yourself?
I'm using Debian Squeeze. And I was compiling by myself
The build system was redone in r581, a day or so ago, and the Linux build system is still in process of being fixed. Pcsx2 itself will build, but most of the plugins won't currently.

Even once that's fixed, remember to try EFP on any games that won't load in the Linuz iso plugin. There's a bug somewhere in Linuz that causes cartain games not to run in it under Linux. (It seems to be related to how big the first file in the iso is).
So which version do you recommend me to check out to build it? Or should I wait a bit more until the new build system gets tuned?
What is EFP?
CDVDisoEFP. CDVD plugin.
I found and fixed the bug in linuz in svn yesterday, btw, though there will still be the occasional game that you'll want to use efp for instead.

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