Pcsx2 and using FFXED
Hey guys, first ever post. Kind of a stupid one at that lol. So II used FFXed to edit my ffx save and get some harder to attain items and whatnot in the very early stages of ffx. Also edited characters abilities and now I'm at the point where Rikku is supposed to join your party. And now I'm stuck while engaged in the tutorial fight where you're taught how to use her overdrive mix because I can't select it. I tried editing her on FFXed so she had her all abilities and ODs but I'm getting the feeling that it's not being applied to her because she isnt in my party yet. I'd really like to know if I'm stuck or if tthere's a way I can skip that part. Thanks in advance and like I said stupid question but I'm pretty much a noobie when it comes to doing stuff like this.

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You can skip that "scene" uing FFXED.
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(08-26-2013, 05:02 PM)DaTankAC Wrote: You can skip that "scene" uing FFXED.

Does FFXED say that Rikku has Mix? It's in the Overdrives (all) section of the Character menu. And what happens when you try to use Mix?
Mix wouldn't show up on the battle screen because I had accidentally turned everyones OD off when I edited some of the characters stats. I finally(tbh I really don't know how lol) was able to edit my save and enable everyone's OD. I just now need to learn to use FFXED properly, step by step. It doesn't always work when I try to edit for some reason.
If you are editing multiple characters, you need to hit Edit once for each character.

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