Pcsx2 arcade machine
Hi guys,

First of all i'd like to thank the staff who created pcsx2 and the forum community for the support given. I am a big arcade buff and i have recently retrofitted an arcade cabinet with a PC running hyperspin-fe as a frontend and various emulators in the backend to run pretty much the majority of games. I recently built myself a new gaming PC specifically to run the high end emulators (pcsx2, nulldc, demul, mame, etc). From my initial research i thought the specs i have chosen were adequate to run pcsx2 at reasonable speeds however from my tests they run at aproximately 50% speed.

What could i be doing wrong? Could it be because i'm running windows xp rather then windows Vista/7? I've read that vista/7 runs pcsx2 faster then windows xp due to direct x 10 support. Is this true? Will it be a dramatic increase from my 50% speed? I don't want to rebuild it if there is a marginal benefit.

My specs are

Windows XP
Geforce 9800GT 512MB
Core 2 Duo E7600 (3.06Ghz)
2GB DDR3 Ram

My testcase is
Tekken 5

Here is a photo of my setup for those interested.



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What games? What settings?
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Thank you for your reply. I am testing it on Tekken 5 and i have left it on its default setting. I have tried using all the different graphics plugins to see if it makes a difference, ensured that Multi-threaded GS mode is enabled along with various other cpu speed up tickboxes ( EErec - EE/IOP Recompiler and messed around with the other ones).

I am on service pack 2 though at the moment and have read that if i upgrade to service pack 3 it will increase it by 10-15%. Not sure how true that is but theres only one way to find out.

Will upgrading to windows vista/7 speed it up dramatically?
Tekken 5 is very resource demanding I'm afraid. No, SP3 will not give you such a huge speed increase, if at all. Yes DX10 matters a lot in some games, not very sure if Tekken 5 is one of those but it will certainly be a speed up.
What you can do with your current setup:
Download the beta 1888 of PCSX2 and March 11 beta plugin pack from here: http://pcsx2.net/downloads.php?p=publicbeta
Set GSdx as graphics plugin and try enabling some speed hacks (don't set them too high, they will break the game)
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Thank you for the reply.

Do i need to upgrade to vista/windows 7 to utilise the directx10 functionality with my graphics card?
Yes, there is no way to use DX10 under Windows XP
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Yes, you do.

With Tekken 5, I suggest using only default EE Sync, INTC Sync, Status Flag Hack and Slight VU Cycle Stealing. This was the best I found so far on my PC without having the FPS reading lie to me (I think Smile). Actually very nice improvements over previous beta/plugins for me. I can actually play this game now, and it's one that MUST be at nearly full and steady speeds IMO.
thanks guys. i'll try that. let you know how it goes.
To give an example i run Tekken 5 on a GTX 280 graphics card and i7 920 @ 3.4Ghz, Tekken 5 will run at about 70fps, so you should manage roughly full speed on the latest beta and plugins, however you may need GSDX to be in "native" mode.

Good luck with the arcade machine, its very impressive Smile
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Hi guys,

I have just installed windows 7 ultimate, the latest direct x 10 and drivers for my video card. Setup the beta pcsx2 as per Rezard's suggestion. Tested Tekken 5 again and unfortunatley i am still on aprox 50% speed.

Any other ideas?

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