Pcsx2 controller configuration
I'm using a PCSX2 Playstation 2 emulator, and I'm having a problem configuring the keyboard to use as a controller.

The PAD configuration is missing two buttons which exist on the controller. I've got plugins 'Lilypad', 'Twinpad' and 'Megapad' (and another 'SSSPSX' which I'm not sure how to use).

These allow one to set up keys on the keyboard to press that will simulate the buttons being pressed on the controller, as well as the use of the analog sticks. It is the analog sticks I am having the problem with. I need to use them in a game, and they have FIVE ways of working - UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, and PRESS.

However I only get the option to set keys for UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT. How do I simulate the analog sticks being pressed as buttons?

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L3 = Left analog stick press, R3 = Right analog stick press.
Thanks for this great suggestion.
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