Pcsx2 crash XAudio2_7.dll_unloaded
hi! im using the last svn 5315, and actually the emulator have a lot of random crashes with the same error code: "XAudio2_7.dll_unloaded", im not sure if that have something with speedhacks to do or not.. i have them by default activated.. but is really annoying to play when you know your game can crash at any time Sad

someone have an idea how can i solve this problem??
PS: sorry for my bad english Tongue

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Try using the DirectSound mode.
Change it in the audio options of the emulator (More information on the Official Guide).

If you want to correct the error, you can try:

1. Reinstall\Upgrade your sound driver;
2. Reinstall\Upgrade DirectX.
3. Reinstall\Upgrade your video driver.

(Assuming that your system can handle the emulator).
[Image: newreal.png]
i need a crash dump to look into this further
thanks for the answers!,. actually i did what scarecrow said, i changed the XAudio plugin to DirectSound and i got no XAudio2_7.dll but a GSdx32-SSE4-r5315.dll crash after aprox. 20 minutes of gameplay (kingdom Hearts PAL), then i changed the video plugin GSdx32-SSE4-r5315 to GSdx32-SSE4.. and i played for aprox. 1 hour without crashes at all Smile

*how can i do a crash dump for future crashes??

thank you for your help!

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