Pcsx2 crashes with Final fantasy X
Hey guys!
Ich got the Pscx2 on a LAN-Party from a friend.
After some time i had Problems with Movie-Scenes of the game Final Fantasy X. So i used my friend google and found an other Video-Plugin, which worked perfectly.
After the problem-scene i switched back to the older plugin.
20 hours playing and the problem appeared again, so i used the "solving" plugin again, which didn't work this time, too.
The exaxt Problem is: I see the first seconds of the scene - then some Graphicbugs appear and after some seconds the programm crashes and i get the message: Pscx2 doesn't work anymore (translated from german Tongue)

Is it possible that not the video plugin is the problem ?

(i gave my saves to the friend, who gave me the emulator, but this time it didn't work, too.)

How did this work on his PC the first time?

(he's using the same plugin, that i use.)

Sry for my english guys Wacko

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You need to be more detailed. Please read the forum rules before posting.

You need to give us all information possible to work with. Your version number, your computer specs, plugins and settings used. Did you try it with different versions, and do NOT use speedhacks when reporting a bugs. Turn off all speed hacks and try again.
CPU: Core I7 Q720
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GT240M
Ram: 4 gigs
OS: Windows 7

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