Pcsx2 - error- r1888- my computer
hello, im recently new to this forum, but this an urgent notice.

I've downloaded the new beta version of pcsx2 r1888 on my computer. I was kinda curious of what the ''compress iso'', button should do.

So far, it worked great until.....

When i turned my computer off, and re-opened it the next morning, my computer was acting kinda strange.

My computer at the start up menu started veryfing the disk, took a couple of seconds, not to shabby, until the xp menu with all the account administrators turned on.

It was working great until i entered my account, wtf? my background wallpaper was here but...where are all my other icons? the internet, game and limewire and the others were all gone!!!! the only thing that i can do is too press ctrl+alt+delete, other than that im screwed.

So therefore im asking your help, you the reader, to tell me what tou know about this case, like I wrote, I pressed the compress iso icon, turned my compter off, re opened the next morning and my account has no more icons( interent and what not).

Please please, im asking your help, either a solution or repair it at the computer shop. Thank you in advance.

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downloading soemthing without knowing where it comes from may lead you to problems like those ones.

removing the "I have pirated" part doesn't remove the fact you did it.
you won't get support that way.
warned and closed
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