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"Pcsx2.exe has stopped working"
It worked, and it's working without a hitch. ;_;

Now to mess it up again trying to tweak performance..

EDIT: Thank you Bositman

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Hey guys,

I'm having the same problem, but I'm running Windows XP Home. I'm getting the "rom2 not found" "erom not found" then "GIF Reset", "NTSC", then a little further down it says "Failed to getnetadapter". This sounds like a similar problem to Nirvana's, but I'm not sure if I deal with it in the same way, due to me having XP instead of Vista.

Here are my configs:
Graphics: GSdx 883 (MSVC 15.00, SSSE3) 0.1.113 (Yes, I have a dual core machine)
Cdvdrom: P.E.Op.S. CDVD (CDDA mod) 1.3.0
Dev9: GiGaHeRz's DEV9 Driver 0.3.0
Bios: USA v01.60 (07/02/2002)

I'm trying to play the actual game of DBZ Budokai (and NOTHING is pirated, bios is from home PS2 and I didn't bring it to University), and I keep getting this message, even after reading over the guide to the emulator multiple times!

No,you are using a Dev9 plugin you shouldn't.Switch to the null one.
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Hey all,

I, too having the same problem. I use Windows Vista Home Premium. I am not sure if I set the bios directory correctly in the configs because its blank in the Configuration windows. I also read other post and I had that npptools.dll problem saying that it was missing, but I downloaded it and put it in the same PCSX2.exe file. I fixed that npptools.dll problem but i have the /bios problem it was saying that i didnt set the directory of where the bios is (which i have no clue about) and when i tried to Run my Gundam Seed game (when i tried to run CD/DVD), a microsoft error window pops up and says: "pcsx2.exe has stopped working" and then the pcsx2.exe just crashes.

Here are my configs:
Graphics: GSdx 9 (MSVC 14.00, SSE2) 0.10.0
Sound: ZeroSPU2 0.4.4
Cdvdrom: Linuzappz Iso CDVD 0.7.0
Dev9: DEV9null Driver 0.3.0
USBnull Driver 0.5.0
FireWire: FWnullDriver 0.4.0
Bios: (its blank)

My laptop is a AMD athlon X2 Dual-Core
ATI Radeon 3100 Graphics
MS windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit SP1

Hope you guys can help me Smile
Sounds like you don't have a BIOS file.
Read the configuration guide and the section about BIOS:
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(02-03-2009, 06:28 PM)Bositman Wrote: No,you are using a Dev9 plugin you shouldn't.Switch to the null one.

I'm using the dev9 plugin just fine. (then again, might be a fluke, but it's woking for me)
It requires some additional stuff to be installed to work and is yeah better off without it except if you're trying netplay which I guess he isn't Tongue
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Hi i downloaded pcsx2 0.9.4 and i have a problem i tried 2 games (Gran Turismo 4 and Wacky Races)and in both cases it seems to be the same, after ~10 seconds of game i get an windows error like those with don`t send and don`t know what to do i tried all plugins combination, different resolutions and stuff, everything and still can`t play. It doesn`t matter if i press any key on my gamepad or not, i still get that error any suggestions pls?
My rig is [email protected], xfx geforce 9600GT, 4GB RAM, the rest i don`t think is that important. I use windows xp sp2

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