Pcsx2 fast as hell without MTGS
Wow, I dunno what you guys have been doing, but Pcsx2 is running very fast even without MTGS, that's awesome, specially for games that have issues with MTGS ON Laugh Thanks.

Running without MTGS:




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not for me, x2 6000+ @3.3ghz
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I don't believe that game has issues with MTGS on anymore, does it? I played it quite a lot a while back (~ the time of the merge, i think) and didn't encounter a single crash.
I dunno, but man, 100FPS+ without MTGS turned ON, it's AMAZING !! It completely takes off the need for MTGS in this game.

That's beacuse you have 3.8GHZ. The average PC still needs MTGS in this game.
Ok but.. Less than one year ago I used to get like....... around 40FPS, in this same 3.8ghz, without MTGS turned On. Something have evolved pretty good.. From 40FPS to 100+... LOL... I wasn't expecting that much Laugh
3.8GHz isn't that much...
What's this game btw?Laugh
I agree. This game is Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne Wink
Haha! Yes! One of my favorite games runs well. I'll have to see how it runs on my PC.

What's the compatibilty of this game? Fully playable from beginning to end?
Yea, I already finished this game on Pcsx2. It had a random freeze issue due to MTGS that was partially fixed sometime ago, but without MTGS it shouldn't freeze anymore.

The last time I tested with MTGS ON (It was a playground revision) the freeze issue was reduced a lot but there were times that it would freeze anyway. It was not 100% fixed.

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