Pcsx2 for adnroid ?
Hello, first sorry cause my english sucks.

Anyway few years passed and I think PCSX2 team should consider reigniting the android ps2 project again (just a small wish of many).
With android phones coming out with better specs than before so it may able to run ps2, at least on playable speed

Currently I know there's Play! and Damon ps2 (yeah I also know about the code stealing issue) that's workable for android.
- Play! kinda runable but not so much fast speed and so-so picture graphic, also their settings need more functions to improve
- Damon ps2 runs well with decent speed (a dozen more fps than Play!) and provide good picture but its dev not making any more progress to increase the speed or bug fix. On the other hand they added online license verification for the Pro ver which they sell for many people and the Free ver they provide CANNOT even save the game progress & include ads & locked settings (pretty much trash)

I know PCSX2 will not shake hands with damon ps2 obviously but may be you guys may collab with Play! team. With many OS Play! team is aiming for so the progress would be slow. May be PCSX2 could support in some ways to improve the ps2 emulator for android (also Play! team making it for free and not like Damon team forcing people to buy Pro :3)

Thanks for reading. Ill understand if PCSX2 refuse to restart android project

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(07-12-2019, 04:29 PM)HikaruVN Wrote: Anyway few years passed and I think PCSX2 team should consider reigniting the android ps2 project again
"Again ?"
when has it been ignited ?
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First search the forum about the many posts about this subject there will NOT come an android version of PCSX2.
(07-12-2019, 04:45 PM)jesalvein Wrote: "Again ?"
when has it been ignited ?
:v well it was way....waaaaayyyyy long ago.
PCSX2 used to consider it but according to what they said phone gears not really meet up with requirements, to make it simple the android chips at the time sucks so they dumped the project cause phone needs really strong processor to play with good speed like PC....I think
Play! is probably the only one still developing ps2 for android for free. So may be they need help a bit. Since PCSX2 team are pro cause they did ps2 emu already. May be they can help Play! with game compatibility or even add more fps. ...and also I'm a cheapskate who won't spend $10 for a emu that needs internet to play

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