Pcsx2 has a virus?!
Hey guys im having some issues with the new PCSX2 1.0.0 update. I got a new computer just recently, a good strong computer, & I dowloaded the new latest PCSX2 so I could make let's play videos with my friends but here is the thing. I had it for a while & my anti-virus protection said something related to it was attacking and modiflying the bios I had in my computer, I downloaded PCSX2 from the official web-site and this happend is there any alternative, to leave original computer settings tack with PCSX2 or is the thing treating my computer? can someone please help

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False positive, your antivirus is crappy Tongue
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Wow thanks lol, but I use Mcafee 15.0 2012 & it detected a virus, its weird.
(08-26-2012, 10:27 PM)RurouniKen1 Wrote: but I use Mcafee 15.0 2012

as Bositman said
Bositman Wrote:your antivirus is crappy
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PCSX2 is changing your BIOS Huh

please go post this in Mcafee forums other than PCSX2's Glare
PCSX2 does not even require administrative priviledge to run.
possibly not these days.. i think some plugins still write to the registry, but pcsx2 doesn't anymore I don't think..
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PCSX2 still writes/reads registryTongue, and I think both, the install and the binary* version, through the second may be just a rare bug and happen only when coexisting with non-portable version.

*Happened like once and I couldn't reproduce it, something I changed or while resetting the settings of the portable version changed all my non-portable version savestates to "corrupted";P, I quickly found out it simply changed the default folders in the registry couse it couldn't just mess savestates while it didn't even touch them(modify date says all:]). Maybe it can happen only if the registry already exist, couse when I deleted it to check what could create it in the portable version, nothing over stuff I tried created pcsx2 registry;]. I remember someone creating a thread about old savestate corruption after using new pcsx2(and also binary if I remember), soo it possibly was same bug.;3
your antivirus is wrong.
I also had that crappy McAfee it always shows a virus, somehow i think it tells false that people think that "WOW what a great antivirus" but it is not true, it always showed a virus in the FONTS Folder i removed the font folder and created again without any font it showes that the folder is a virus which is false if the folder is a virus then it will be all folders not just one.

I am on ESET Smart Security 5 it is much better then others, Norton is best but it slows down your PC.
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Hello Tongue

McAfee? Sorry, but that's a garbage anti-virus program. It doesn't know what a false-positive is, and always quarantines the wrong files.
I'll probably get a lot of stick for this (since I'm only new) but the best anti-virus, by far, is windows security essentials, you just can't beat it.
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