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Pcsx2 its fine good with PS2 Disks-CD rom?
Because,i believe i not have any ps2 game disk CD-ROM,yes all are dvd,but i want know this emulator read a CD-rom ps2?
Ps1-CD rom
Ps2-DVR rom
Ps3-Blu ray disk
Its the standard of this consoles,only for remenber.
Yes,exist ps2 games(not dvd),but cd,i know this.

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I have crash bandicoot: Wrath of cortex and it's a CD game. My rip works perfectly. I've never tried playing directly from disk but that is supported too.
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PCSX2 General Troubleshooting FAQ
Ah,okey,its all right!.
Ps1-CD rom: afaik they don't work because pcsx2 doesn't emulate that part of the machine Sad

Ps2-CD rom: you have to select plugin from your CDVD drop down menu and then the drive you want to use that has your ps2 CD rom in, using the cdvdGigaherz (r5403)0.8.0 [cdvdGigaherz] plugin
i have gotten half life and xsquad to name but a few working using the original disc

Ps2-DVR rom: yes and afaik you have to use the above method (i usually just rip mine and play them from the iso)

Ps3-Blu ray: disk no idea

have fun Smile
Not sure what graphics card you have, it's memory bandwidth,
it's temperature, fan speed, what pixel shader it has
try TechPowerUp's gpu-z

Not sure what your cpu is try cpu-z
       (hint click on the highlighted links Biggrin)

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