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Pcsx2 lag problem
Makkos why do u respond to a thread that's over 2 years old? Wink They rather have u create a new thread with your own problem, then replying to a thread that's so old Smile

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Well, by the way your laptop is slow for pcsx2. Either buy a new PC or play it on your ps2.

What Game are you trying?

For the time being you can use them if they give 5-10 fps boost.
  • Change the Round mode to Nearest and Clamp Mode to None in Both EE and VU's section.
  • Use Speedhacks : All the Reccomended ones and EE Cyclerate to 2 and VU Cycle Stealing to 1
  • Use Native Resolution
  • Try Frameskip
  • Try Allow 8-bit Texture
  • Change Windows Power Plan to High Performance : Important
Processor: intel® core(t) i5-3210M CPU, 2.50GHz
RAM memory: 6 GB
System: 64-bit OS, x64 based processor
Graphic Card: Nvidia GEforce 610M, 2GB

I play Final Fantasy XII-USA by using pcsx 1.1.0 emulator, but still lagging and sometimes not responds... Any solution to allow the gaming become more faster?ExclExcl

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