Pcsx2 libretro
Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask wasn't sure where to post. Also sorry if this gets asked alot, search didn't seem to help me here.

Now that the pcsx2 code is seeing improvements and enhancements what seems daily is there any chance we might see a libretro core someday soon?

Im not looking for a commitment response just wondering if it would be possible now, from what I read it was at one time deemed not possible because of the state of the code.

Having all my emulators "just work" with a unified ui has been the best thing to happen to my setup. It kind of makes me sad that pcsx2 is a oddball in my setup, not mad or disappointed but sad. 

This is kind of funny because up until a few months ago I hated retroarch and what I thought at the time its crippled libretro cores.

Once again I feel the need to state I'm not nagging or asking for a commitment, just curious if it might be possible now?

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Honestly no.

I'm currently spending 500% of my free time to improve PCSX2. At the end of the day, some choice must be done of what can be improved: GUI/speed/accuracy ...

So far my priory are
1/ linux
2/ accuracy
3/ speed
999/ others
infinite/ Gui Wink
Libretro is great and I'd love to see PCSX2 being available as a core for it.
It would be a pretty big task to pull it off though. Here's some problems I can think of:
- PCSX2 is x86 only and we already run into the ~3GB process memory limit
- PCSX2 is very complex and low level. Look how long it took to convert PPSSPP into a Libretro core. It would be even more work here.
- Developers, developers, developers!

But yea, it sure would be nice Smile
Can't argue with anything either of you said  Tongue

On the x64 front would it be possible to find a professional firm to quote how much it would cost to transition to 64bit then do a pledge drive? This way you guys wouldn't have to take all that time it takes to transition and pcsx2 will be future proofed. Can't imagine Microsoft supporting 32 bit forever. Just a idea, wouldnt doubt if the team already tossed it around and decided it wasn't worth the trouble.

Thank you for all your hard work! I love this emulator and it just keeps getting better Cool
1 year => 100 KE IMHO, money is an issue of modern society not a solution.

However x64 will likely bring not real improvement. GSdx memory requirement was greatly reduce recently. Dropping 32 bits mean dropping most of the video games. And older application too. Won't happen soon.
Really like your thinking on this topic. And no, I didn't mean x64 Smile
Arm  Rolleyes

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