Pcsx2 m-bit download?
Hi. Is there a place where i can download precompiled m-bit branch pcsx2?  I'm aware it can cause some issues, but i want it only to test few unplayable games. I don't want to set up full environment just to build one file. 

If anyone can share PCSX2 compiled with those changed it will be nice:

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Here: http://www.filedropper.com/pcsx2mbit

What games are you trying to test anyways?
Thank you.

First I want to try My Street, i read is partially fixed by m-bit build. Also i want to check what broke Crash Twin Sanity on that build. Plus namCollection, probably not related to m-bit but is worth to try.
Yeah you can see the characters on My Street with that, they are a little spiky in places, but it should be playable.
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