Pcsx2 mac system recommendations?
I am thinking of buying a new imac. Would the Apple iMac 21.5" Intel Core i3 3.2GHz Computer be good enough or should I go with Apple iMac 27" Intel Core i5 2.8GHz Computer. or are neither of these good enough to get frequent smooth gameplay?

Currently I have Apple iMac (20-inch, 2.4GHz, 1GB RAM)
upgraded to 2gb ram. Which I tried the emulator for pc through crossover games and it was slow a lot of the time. Sometimes running 50 fps or more but also going down to 15 fps or worse depending and no gamepad support obviously for the pc version of the emulator or at least no analog option if i used usb overdrive.

Also, can I use my gamepad for the mac version so I can use the analog function for better precision in games?

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