Pcsx2 noob need help on Persona 4 code
I tried to use the skill mod for persona and it didnt work, though the persona mod and other codes are usable. I search around google and gamefaq and some people have this problem too but i havent seen any answer that can help me. I'm playing the us version. Thanks in advanceLaugh

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What codes were you using exactly.
There are two type of codes....persona slot and persona in the compendium.

Persona slot is the personas you currently have and the position the persona is(on each the 12 slots).
For example of you have two personas and add cheats only for the first slot,the currently equipped persona will get all of the bonuses but if you equip other persona while the code is still active,you will get the same bonuses\skills on that persona too.

In compendium - every persona there is using exact address for skills and stats you you can't mess up with those codes

I made 6 custom personas for my New Game + save so with them I'm literally unbeatable on any difficulty,even if I play the whole game solo
I used both the code for compendium and persona slot. I changed the slot number too but nothing happened. ex: a lucifer for slot 1 but his skill is the same as the old persona and no skill change. It's look like this problem is PCSX2 only. Ps2 player can still use the code
Well i suppose this cant be help and just have to BEAR with it

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