Pcsx2 robotic like sound and crackling audio
Does anyone else find that when playing a game their audio is poor quality? I'm having a problem where not only is there an anoying crackling sound but everything sounds like robots or something.

I made a vid so you could know exactly what im talking about. be sure to turn up the sound. http://youtu.be/Iwz0tqu0UoY

If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know

(I am using the SPU2-X r5324 2.0.0 audio plugin)

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? What is your problem? The Russian accent?

Am I deaf or is everything right in this vid?

Still you can play around with the SPU2-X settings. On the left upper corner you can select the output type. Putting the synchronization mode to async mix reduces robotish noises when you have slowdowns - but it can break games.

Nevertheless I don't get the problem in that vid
Oh the ambient sound ? You know, cars going around... street sounds... being robotic ?

I dont know if there are better settings for the sound plugin to make the sound more "accurate" but to me most of my games also have similar (and very quiet) sound tone to them.
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No robotic sound is not the emulated sound. sound can be perfectly normal and like a ps2. stop giving misconceptions.
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switch spu2-x from portaudio to Xaudio? newer SVN defualt to portaudio despite xaudio still noted as recommending. and some have notice lower quaulty with portaudio, but then portaudio can use both wasapi or directsound under advance for portaudio to so maybe even chaning it from wasapi to directsound under portaudio advance might help
I think thats just how those characters speak haha. I've played that game before and it sounds just like I remember from watching your vid.
I understand what u mean there is slight feel of static, most ppl probably are used to it and do not notice it(probably). try out my settings of spu2-x.

Mixing settings- 3 hermite (better highs)

output settings- module: Xaudio 2, latency 150, valume 100%

Synchronizing Mode: Timestretch (default)

Audio expansion mode: 5.1 surround

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