Pcsx2 running problems help please
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welp i just got the pcx2 great stuff guys. i wanted to run the ps2 games i have on my computer they look so much better than playing them off the ps2 or the ps3 which i own. ok here's my problem the games dont want to run at 60 the just bog down to 30fps as soon as i get to the actual game but any other time they run fine like during some intro videos. i have confiured it prorperly and tried many of the speed hacks and cpu options and i still get only 30 to 20 fps. here are my computer sepcs.

windwos vista xp ultimate
cpu-intel celeron D 3.2222ghz
1.5gb of ram.
sound blaster live 5.1 pci sound card.
his ati radeon HD4670 1gb

any help would be awesome thanx

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Your CPU is the problem, a single core celeron is too weak for pcsx2.
(07-06-2009, 10:12 PM)GoldenX Wrote: Your CPU is the problem, a single core celeron is too weak for pcsx2.
i wasnt to sure if that was it or not looks like ill have to wait till i get that intel extreme pentium D dual core to run the ps2 emulator on the pc
You didnt mention any game, however a Pentium D wont be good enough either for most games in PCSX2 anyway. You's need at least a core 2 duo if you want to play them at decent speed, would be best if you say what games are you trying to play as some games will need even a 3GHz+ core 2 duo CPU to work fine.
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