Pcsx2 very slow on moderately fast PC.
Hello everyone. Thanks for taking the time to read this and help me troubleshoot. I am a first time poster and capable PC operator. I cannot figure out why my PCSX2 runs so slowly on windows 7 here. its mainly Gran Turismo 4 that has the issues. it even runs at 10 fps in the main home window where all the icons are at. My specs are Win 7 64bit. Amd Athalon 64 x2 dual core 6000+ 3.14ghz cpu. 16 gig ddr2 ram. only 8 gb operating, and they are gskill ripsaw dual 4gb sticks. my gpu is an Nvidia 650 TI, my hdd is a wd caviar 1tb and my mobo is an asus M3A8 AM2 socket. everything was reset to factory as far as overclocking is concerned. All drivers are updated. I am dumbfounded. I cannot figure out why it doesnt run smoothly on here. I could play games like Counterstrike Global Offensive and GTA5 with full graphics settings. but mostly everything i run on here as far as PCSX2 and Dolphin are concerned just run like garbage. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

My EE is showing 90%. I figure if i overclock my CPU and boost the FSB speed to run 3.4ghz it should be fine? Is that a reasonable assumption?

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Your CPU is too slow.


Your single threaded performance is 900. PCSX2 needs at least 1200 for low end games, 1600 for moderate games, and 1800 for high end games.

Dolphin is similar.

Not much you can do but get a new PC, or continue playing on your PS2 for now.

You might get away with some 2d PS2 games like Ar tonelico or Atelier Iris. Other than that, they will all run slow.
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Gta v isn't on pc

Gt4 is far more demanding than a pc game

That pc won't cut it

Damn it ninjaed
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ok thanks guys, ive found that at the top of my game window it shows the EE at 90% alot of the time. but my actual frame rate is 60 even when driving.
You'll need a new pc for that game to run at full speed
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(12-23-2014, 10:38 PM)Nobbs66 Wrote: You'll need a new pc for that game to run at full speed

ok thanks for the input. looks like even after overclocking to 3.8 and doubling my fsb speed its still 95% EE at the home screen. Oh well. I guess ill go play it on my ps2. Just sucks because the reason i put it on my pc was because my S license testing is glitched and i dont want to start all over, but i cannot obtain the final license in the game on my current save file. Thanks Everyone.
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