Pentium g5400 3.7GHZ or i3 9100f ?
Hello there. I a want to build a system only for emulating ps2, but i am not sure what cpu i must buy. Considering i  am on tight budget, i searched over passmark and find pentium gold G5400 3.7GHZ and i3 9100f and both of them have over 2000 STP. Woud they be enough emulating heavy games like Ratchet and Clank ? I want your opinion, what do you think, i need help!

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I would personally go for the i3, I always preferred them over the pentium cpu's.

The clockspeed on that should be fine, I'm still running an old 3rd gen i5 @ 3,4ghz and I can run pretty much any PS2 game I throw at it except when it just has general issues. Stuff like Gran Turismo, Shadow of the Colossus, Dynasty Warriors etc all run fine for me.

Ratchet and Clank as far as I know has some issues but apparently the devs are planning to release a 1.6 of the emulator Soon ™ which will have a lot of great new features and ways to handle emulation so maybe that will fix the problems on many games.
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If choose between Core i3-7100 and Pentium Gold G5400, then i3 7100, i3 7100 and only i3 7100. This CPU, unlike the G5400, has AVX2 instructions that will allow to use the emulator with maximum performance.

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