Peops load failure

So i'm attempting to play tales of Destiny: Directors Cut on 0.9.8,
and have read that Peops is the best way to fix the bug where sound stops after several seconds. So i've acquired the plugin and placed it in my plugins folder, but PCSX2 won't recognise the plugin. o_O here's the error text.

File is not a PCSX2 pluginPath: C:\Program Files (x86)\PCSX2 0.9.8\Sound\spuPeopsSound_110b.dll
Some kinda plugin failure: C:\Program Files (x86)\PCSX2 0.9.8\Sound\spuPeopsSound_110b.dll

I've been trying to figure this one out for a while now and have found noting, so probably it is something simple... especially given so many others have not had problems with this. Much thanks.

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erase your PCSX2.ini and configure everythin again.
and don't install pcsx2 in program files, BTW...
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