Per Game Config Settings

I have been using PCSX2 on an off for the past while and one of the most annoying thing is changing the Emulation settings and video plugin settings alot of the time when i play a different game or go back to playing previous games. 

I wondering if the developers thought about a way for a per game config settings file to help us reduce the need with constantly changing settings to always have the best performance settings on a game by game basis and also sharing settings with each other would be helpful too.

something like this would be really helpful and be a nice addition to the emulator

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Right-click the PCSX2 exe, click create shortcut, then go to the shortcut, rename it to the game you want to play, say Gran Turismo 4, then right-click to properties, go to the target box, and after ...\pcsx2.exe" add --cfgpath=inis\GranTurismo4

This will create a folder named GranTurismo4 in the PCSX2\inis folder where it can store the settings for just that game. Copy the shortcut and change the foldername for other games you'd like to play.

This also allows the per-game config shortcuts to be added to Steam, so it can work as the front end.

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