Per game .ini (video plugin) settings
I would love being able to configure the emulator on a game-to-game basis, with the help of .ini files. Especially the video plugin settings. Really just like Dolphin does.

This way, I wouldn't need to change the video HW hacks depending on the game I wanna play - it's all preset in the corresponding ini file. This would be really useful, especially since lots of hacks really help a certain game, while damaging others.

Any chance this is going to be implemented in the near future?

Thanks for the awesome emulator & all the great work done on the OpenGL plugin! Smile

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Thanks jesalvein! I just looked at the options and it seems it is indeed possible to produce an individual config file for a game - even as an executable. I hope I can get the executables working from inside my emulator-frontend Maximus Arcade - and not having to startup PCSX2Bonus (on top of Maximus Arcade) to be able to start up the pre-configured ps2 games.

I will get back with the results after I dig into it.

thanks again!
Yes! It works perfectly using PCSX2bonus. Awesome program. And by using shortcuts, I can still launch the games from Maximus Arcade (without having to launch pcsx2bonus first).

Thread can be closed, this one is solved Smile

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