Per game settings in Steam
I have a few games configured with shortcuts to .inis with per game settings. If I add the shortcut to Steam it launches Pcsx2 but not the game automatically and does not use the per game .inis. Does anyone know how to get this to work?

I have tried Launchbox with the pcsx2configurator plugin but when Launchbox updates it can cause the plugin to stop working. If I can setup one time with the .inis and have it work through steam I would much prefer that as I use it for in home streaming.

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Use command-line parameter --cfgpath="path_to_your_game_config_folder"
#3 could help perhaps?

Also the PCSX2 configurator died on the newest versions because it's not actively maintained.

You could also use spectabis though:

Per-game configuration
Have different persistent settings per game without the need to constantly change settings if you play multiple games.
- Download Spectabis: (Spectabis120.7z)
- Extract it on a location you like. (7-zip, WinRAR, etc)
- Click Spectabis.exe and link it to your main pcsx2.exe.
- Drag and drop roms onto Spectabis (note: it will copy your current settings of PCSX2 itself)
- Extra note: Recommended to have default settings when you drag and drop roms.
- Right click on a game within Spectabis and left click Configure in PCSX2.
- Configure your settings (based on your own experience, from here , wiki or other sources)
- Repeat this for every game that needs configuration, double click to play a game

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