Performance Issues (FFX, FFXII)
Hey all, I just checked the emulator out today, finally got it set up but I can't quite get my frames up to 60, they usually hover around 40, with the sound stuttering. I've checked a few other posts but couldn't find a real answer to my problem, sorry if it's already been answered somewhere. I'll include my specs and took some screenshots of some settings I currently have active.

my specs are

Intel Dual Core E2220 2.4Ghz
Nvidia GTS 250 512mb
4gb ram
running on Vista Premium 64bit

here's a small gallery of my current settings.

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I have seen your setting....
1) Hardware: you have enough power of GPU but lag for CPU
2) You need to use the latest beta (because the VU Cycle Stealing Hack)

VU Cycle Stealing Hack is has the highest compatibility and stability to boost FPS of FF12

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