Performance issues
The fps counter reports a frame rate above 30 yet still the games are quite choppy and the audio is very jumpy and sounds weird. I am using version 0.9.8

The games I've tried out are:
Final Fantasy X
Persona 4

My computer specs are:

Intel core i5 750 @ 2.66Ghz
4GB DDR3 ram
AMD Radeon 5770


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That seems to slow for your machine with these settings, at least in FFX.
Persona 4 has occasional very slow spots that overtax your system.

In any case:
You need to be aware that unlike PC games, emulated titles need to reach
their full intended update rate (fps).
This is 50fps for PAL region titles and 60fps for NTSC ones.
If your machine can't render quickly enough, the whole game simply slows down.
Thanks for the reply. I changed the preset to 5 and that seems to have fixed the problem for the most part.
use VU cycle stealing at Lv-2 instead of EE cyclerate
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I would also recommend grabbing the later svns and using the MTVU hack since you have a quad core cpu there and that should help a lot in those 2 games. SVN can be found here
At worst case if all adjustments fails, i would suggest use Cheat Engine's speedhack. It will boost any slowest fps to very playable fps but at unstable cost of music sometimes sound effect included, generally it doubled the real-time speed. So if you can ignore some of the sound, i think is a very worth it solution.
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well, I do NOT recommend using cheat engine for speed.. (didnt work for me, and it was also running even WORSE!)

no offense vuze4u
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I love violins Tongue

That's alright, i only use it under certain game and circumstances only. Doesn't always work well like the speedhack on PCSX2, especially on racing games ;p
3770K 4GHz OC [AVX-Direct3D11-HW-2xNative]
Geforce 770 2GB GDDR5 | 4GB DDR3-1333MHz | W10 LTS x64 1809
Thanks for the replies, I'll download the latest build from the SVN and apply the MTVU hack.

Okay it runs much better even without the MTVU hack on, however there's no sound for some reason. I think it's because I changed the sound plugin while playing the game.
Sound came back after restarting a few times.
Turns out the real problem was that when my processor was idling the heat was around 80 degrees! :o

So I've cleaned it out and everything runs fine now.

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