Performance scaling?
Does the performance of PCSX2 scale linearly with the STR of the CPU?  Will I get roughly double the FPS from a STR of 2000 than I do with 1000?

I ask because I have a STR of 800 (and a graphics performance rating of about 500) on one of my boxes, and I get 16-20 FPS (sometimes it dips to 14) when playing SSX Tricky or God of War.  Obviously this box is well below the PCSX2 requirements (and I have no intention of trying to use it for such), but if I took these results and charted them out linearly, it would take a STR of 3200 and a graphics performance rating of about 2000 to get a consistent 60 FPS in these games.

Has anyone had any experience with PCSX2 performance on different boxes, and how it scales?

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No, the scaling isn't straightforward at all. Even two CPU's with the same STR can have a noticeable difference in performance.
Having an STR of 1600 will be more than enough to play both games at full speed(depending on the settings).
If this is the case, then clearly factors other than STR have significance, any idea what these are?

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