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Persona 3 & 4 HELP!!! (AGAIN)
So is there have anyway i can fix those rate up when the party of 3 vs 4 enemy? Or that part is the part where i have to bear it!!!!

This is so beary wrong here ==

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@Koji the emulator now automatically uses the right game fix (Atleast that's what it says below the tickbox)

But I also have a major issue with persona 3. My screen shows no picture, only a crapload of artefacts. I've tried it with manual game fix and auto, put it on SVU (legacy) instead of MVU, and nothing seems to work. I had no issues with 0.9.7 but on 0.9.8 (r4600) the game just simply won't show any picture. I didn't changed my settings since I've managed to play the game before.

Here's my proof:

[Image: akzd76.jpg]

Looks like it's crashing because of your cheats...
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Let me retry it with turning it off Smile

Sigh yup that did it, weird when I played this game before with these cheats it worked normally, but now it won't?? hmm ohwell xD

When you're ingame and switch the cheats back on (Have to Save state the game first to reload the cheats) And then they work again and no artefact Smile

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