Persona 3+4 slowdown solution [mod assistance requested]
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Not asking a question, trying to add the solution to the top Google result, but the thread is locked:

If a mod can let me post in that thread or copy-paste the below reply, I would greatly appreciate it. Just trying to contribute back to the community since I've gotten plenty of help from reading the forum here before.

For groups of pearlescent-white enemies (e.g. Monad tanks/samurai/magus in P3) which slowed me down to ~33% speed from rock-solid full speed everywhere else, turning on MTVU (Speedhacks > microVU Hacks > MTVU) made things able to run at nearly-full speed when more than 1 of those enemies were present.

The only enemy I haven't been able to verify it works with is the Fortune Full Moon boss, but its slowdown behaved the same as these enemies, so I would expect it to work there as well.

Stats (if it matters): i7-7700k @4.20GHz, RTX 2070 Super, 32GB RAM, PCSX2 v1.4.0

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No need to revival a 9 years old thread, most of problems will solve in new releases usually.
Oh, and you should upgrade your PCSX2 to 1.6.0

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