Persona 3 Anime Cutscenes issue
Hi everyone, love the program. I have the exact same issue as the person in this thread:

But they never got an answer. I think the top and bottom are supposed to be black but they remain blue from the loading screens and there's often a glitched row of pixels...I guess it's something to do with the screen only partially refreshing, but I can't figure out how it might be fixable.

Attached are my video settings. Window size is 1280 * 960. Everything else is default. Let me know any possible solutions.

It's Persona 3 FES if it matters at all.

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First Give a try to PCSX2 SVN
Whats your GPU? Can you use the DirectX10 / 11 Mode which is probably better. Also, disable speedhacks.

In the latest GSDX, try to use some Hacks which might apparantly fix it.Try disabling Allow 8-bit Texture.

Try the GSDX Software Mode.
[Image: recodersignature2.png]
Had no speedhacks enabled. Graphics cards is 560ti. Software mode seems to fix it kind of. The background is still blue but there's no glitched line of pixels. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be black. In any case I don't want to keep it in software mode as it looks much much worse than running it at 4x native... Oh well.
all the fmv have the same issue?

i cant remember if my persona games show this, maybe is for the upscaling.
Yeah they all seem to do that. I forgot to mention I also have some minor graphical issues, like when characters' dialogue portraits blink, it glitches out a bit and shows some black lines for a split second around their face. And the shadows in the S Link screen are in front of the characters rather than behind them.

Also...when I updated to the latest version just now, I think I somehow deleted my savestates, which was how I was saving :/ I lost like eight hours of gameplay. I don't understand how that happened though, because I just merged the folders. Why would it delete all the file from the savestate folder? Hmm. :/
Savestates are not compatible with old/new versions, u need to use the memory card, the portraits is a filtering issue, check with full filtering.
Oh thank god. Loaded up the old exe and my SS worked again. Thanks for telling me that friend. Where is the filtering option?
in gdsx options.
The only think related to filtering I see is "texture filtering" Should I have that checked or unchecked?
Full check actually, the full square only gonna filter some stuff, click the square until u see the ✓ in da box.

Also cant remember if 8-bit textures help in this game, u should try it too and see if u get a boost or not^^

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