[Persona 3 FES] Crash bug on world map
# PCSX2 version: Official 0.9.8 (r4600)
# CPU options: SuperVU, default clamping/rounding options
# Plugins used: default SPU-X, Gsdx default (in Direct 11 Hardware mode)
# Persona VU Clip Hack enabled, speedhacks disabled

Whenever I am on the world map (and I start from Gekkoukan High, Pawlonia Mall or Port Island Station), then I try to go to Iwatodai Station, it starts to load the area, then it promptly crashes.

If I go to (or start from) the Naganaki Shrine or the Dorm, I can enter the area with no problem.

I thought it had something to with my SPU plugin settings, and I have gotten to Iwatodai Station without error on a few occasions, but most of the time it just crashes over and over again.

Is there currently a solution to this problem?

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Does it happen with microVU?
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Update: Somehow, I managed to flush the bug by deinstalling PCSX2 completely (even scrubbing the registry to make sure, then I reinstalled it, which seems to have fixed things.

However, I've gotten the bug before, so I'm guessing that over time, an unknown fault in the emulation triggers in the code and causes the crash, forcing one to have erase everything and reinstall the emulator anew.

I currently have no idea how the bug seems to trigger, but my best guess is that it either has something to do with the SPU plugin or an unknown fault triggers in the code that transitions between game areas and causes a crash to eventually result every time in that one area.

Thankfully, this is the only crash error I have ever encountered (aside from the very rare corrupted savestate load).
That can't be, except if you were using states thus saving some bug in the state and reproducing it each time you loaded it
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I thought of that, so before I wiped everything I saved the save states, then when I reinstalled the emulator I used the exact same savestates with no trouble.
Still, save states as I said can save random errors, so loading from them to reproduce a bug will not be seen as a valid bug report.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I also thought of that, hence why I also saved the memory card files and used the same ones before and after the bug was flushed with identical results.
But Bositman, According to the Game Fixes u need to run the Persona games with SuperVU Smile
no... the gamefix says "supervu only" cause microVU doesn't have the problem. At no point does it say you need to run Persona games with superVU only. Even the configuration guide says it's only needed when your have superVU selected.
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Agreed. I use Super VU with the appropriate gamefix because I get far better performance in Persona games than I do with Micro VU.

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