Persona 3 FES FMV issues
Hi, i'm wondering what could cause the fmvs to glitch out like this, I think I might have seen a similar issue in the dolphin emu as well, so it may not be entirely pcsx2 related. Still, i'm posting here just for confirmation in case someone knows.

Running Pcsx2-r4875
Q9550 @ 3.4 ghz / GTX 460 / Windows 7 x64
Driver version: 266.58

No speedhacks except for the MTVU, other settings are pretty much at default. Running it at 1024x768 at x4 Native under DX11.

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Ehh no offense, but it's OR Native OR 1024*768 Smile Since 1024*768 is a custom resolution, Scaling x4 is for the Native Resolution only Smile

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