Persona 3 FES Game breaking error!
I have a problem with Persona Fes 3, I was in kendo club and Kaz hurt his leg or something and now the emulator is spewing E02110501 adxstmf_stat_exec: can't open blah blah blah any ideas?
Here are the pictures.
[Image: Problem.jpg]
[Image: problem3.jpg]
[Image: problem4.jpg]

I am not using any patches/ I have turned speekhacks on and off/ no gamefixes. Version 0.9.6. Advanced settings are have all the boxes checked on the left side. (Have checked and unchecked them several of them)

So far my PCSX2 experience has been great though! I hope someone can solve this problem. Also I am using Daemontools. The only advice I have so far is that the ISO might be corrupt? I got this from a friend who has played all the way through no problems. Anyway thanks in advance! Smile

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That could definitely be the case. Try to rip your ISO again or use the disc. Don't mount with Daemon tools, just run the ISO directly with Linuz ISO. Also, if you are using vista/win7, why are you using ZeroGS?
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ZeroGS is the one my friend told me. Is there a better one to use?
Also thanks for the advice so far I just needed confirmation you guys are great.
yeah, try with the latest Gsdx, is really fast
EDIT: I'll post the picture later, it seems that I have troubles with the attachments ¬¬
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Oh yes, GSDX is far superior, especially if you have a DirectX10 capable system. What is your graphics card?
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Got GSDX to work. Same problem. This maybe stupid. (I am not the best with this program yet) Do I have to unzip all the files. p3undub.00-p3undub.60 (or some number I forget right now)?
I'm sorry we cant help you anymore if you arent using the original disc game for your ISO, for all we know it's that modded version that's making your problems.

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