Persona 3 FES Heavy Slowdown
Hey guys! I'm using my PCSX2 1.2.1 for Persona 3 FES since a while now. It's been going really well at 60 FPS until now. I'm facing a Tartarus Guardian/Boss right now, it's the third one I guess( On 14F?) and I'm facing heavy frame drops during battle. It drops from 60 FBS out of battle to like 13-14 FPS. The game is almost unplayable.

The frame rate gets back to normal for a few seconds while using the Evoker/Switching Personas etc., but then returns back to the 13 FPS when facing the boss.

My PC specs:

Win 8.1 x64
Intel i5 650 @3.20 GHz
Nvidia GeForce 9400GT 1 GB

Thanks in advance =)

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That boss has a white/rainbowish texture right? Press F9 to go to software mode, which should slightly increase the speed and press F9 after the battle again. This can also happen with Gold Hands and with some other bosses later on. Only remedy is to Press F9. I had this aswell.
Geez, why an i5 with that 9400GT?
Some people just don't have the money to fully upgrade their pc? I also upgrade it piece by piece, cause of money issues.
(09-03-2014, 03:24 PM)Rassane Wrote: Geez, why an i5 with that 9400GT?

Not all people can change all pieces in one time..... He can go in Software Mode (F9) and change audio plugin from timestretch to async for avoid audio lag.....
Alright guys, thanks a lot for the assistance.

Also the 9400GT because of money problems, yes. I earlier had a 750 TI that i bought for Watch_Dogs but I ended up breaking it somehow, so I got a cheap one later on.

I'll probably invest in a new one sometime later.

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