Persona 3 FES Small issue!
So I only have one small problem atm with P3FES and that is (Probably have to do with the resolution or MSAA) but is there a way to remove the rainbowish triangles that are sometimes on the floor?

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It's MSAA Tongue
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I see Smile I really want to play with MSAA on, cause it really looks so great, but if there is no other fix I guess or I need to live with it or just turn off the MSAA Smile Thanks Bosit ^^
Why not using MsAA from your Ati catalyst center?
Im sorry i often misstype because im using cellphone...Y( '',)Y
Because that doesn't always work with each game or program Smile
In latest driver there option "3D Application setting" which we can add per app or game we can set. But i don't know it works or not for pcsx2?
Im sorry i often misstype because im using cellphone...Y( '',)Y
(08-19-2013, 02:19 PM)billyash Wrote: Why not using MsAA from your Ati catalyst center?

Doesn't matter, and it'll be the same problem.

PS2 games were not designed with MSAA in mind. This is especially true of objects with transparency.

This isn't an exclusive problem with PS2 games, certain PC games and their engines even today have issues with MSAA and how it works. It's why games like Mass Effect 2/3, Starcraft 2, etc don't have in game MSAA options.

If you want AA in PCSX2 you're better off using FSAA (via rendering at a higher internal resolution) or FXAA (activated by pressing page down... or page up... forget which).
[Image: 2748844.png]
FXAA doesn't seem to work for me, or atleast I don't see any difference Smile Oh well I guess that I need to play without MSAA then not that a big deal, mainly since I'm already playing on 1920*1080.

On a sidenote it seems that r5719 doesn't really like Persona 3 FES, even with the cheats turned off the emulator seems to be crashing and also crashes when you try to use the built-in recorder as soon you press start. Now it's not really a huge problem, I can always go back one version or to an older version, but it does seem to be a bit more unstable. This is the last line from emulog.txt

* SPU2-X: Directsound Warning > Buffer lock failure. You may need to increase
your configured DSound buffer count.

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