Persona 3 FES Tutorial/Tips Screen Graphic Bug
Hi, as my first post on this forum I would like to ask about this minor graphical glitch I encountered while playing. This glitch didn't occur until around before Golden Week in the game (about 5 hours in my experience), saving about 10 times, overwriting 5 save slots once each. I did not change the graphical settings at all since I started playing, and to be honest I'm still quite confused about what can I do or not do to potentially fix this problem. It might seem minor, but the fact that it appeared out of the blue made me raise a few question about my settings, all of which I set to the best of my limited knowledge. Sorry if it turns out to be a minor fix since this is the first time an emulation has gone this well in my new device and I'm afraid to break something lol.
Screenshots of the glitch and graphic settings are posted below. Thank you in advance!

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Reload the game from memcard instead of savestates
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