Persona 3 FES doesn't start
Hey guys, I've been trying to get Persona 3 FES to run on my laptop (specs below) but for some reason PCSX won't recognize the ISO.

I've got:

Intel i7 2.00 GHz (goes up to 2.7 pretty easily)
Nvidia GTX 460M (1GB vRam)
Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit

All the settings are default and I'm using version 0.9.8.

Other games run just fine, Kingdom Hearts 1/2 and FFX but this one just won't work for some reason.

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what error do you get ?
can you please post the emulog ?
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Here's a picture of it as soon as I load up the ISO.

[Image: Untitled-4.png?t=1310948081]
Are you running r4600? Does anything happen if you try a fast boot? Did you get any errors when trying to rip the disk?
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Try remaking the ISO with ImgBurn, and as MyDreamName said try with "System > Boot CDVD (fast)" if you've been using the other option.
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