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Persona 3 FES exp multiplier not working
Heya people, I played persona 4 before this and also used an exp multiplier and that one seemed to work fine and the change was visible after each fight so I am assuming that Persona 3 FES's exp multiplier should work the same way. However, I believe the exp is unchanged do to the fact that the base should be 4 since the cheat is for 4x exp and I have gotten 1,2, and 3 exp quite often. I tested to see if other cheats worked, which is why i have the infinite yen one, and it does indeed work. So, I was wondering, what am i doing wrong? I would really appreciate the help I am rather frustrated by my incompetence on this D:

Oh, also a side note, I did try another exp multiplier before this one, but it messed up my game so that when ever a fight started there was no menu of any sort just me basically staring at the enemy >.>

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.pnach   94A82AAA.pnach (Size: 640 bytes / Downloads: 2.256)

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Some codes are either (totally fake) duds or those that produce unwanted side effects, kinda like what the Game Genie would do during the old NES days. Best to stick with codes that are cooperating with your game.
Well yeah, I agree, but these arent causing side effects like the last ones were, so that's a plus. Also, I don't believe they are complete duds as the thread I found them on said they had been tested and such, can't remember exactly where I found the thread at this exact moment, if it is important I am sure i can find it again. Also, I got the infinite yen cheat from the same site and it worked like a charm which is why i figure the code isnt completely wrong, but there is a flaw in it some where
Begin for removing the master code (that first starting with the digit 9).

If the money cheat works, there is a chance the cheats are for the correct game's version.

If it is the correct version, the cheats for EXP multiplier may indeed depend on whatever the master code does. Since the use of master code is not implemented on pnach (and probably will never be), the cheats which do more than just poke values into addresses may not work ever.
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I used a few of the multiplier codes on occasion with no trouble. You might not notice it early on when you're only getting 2-3 exp per battle, depending on how big of a multiplier you're using. Note that it might not show on the actual after-battle screen.

Edit: Took a quick look at the elf file where the codes you're using are accessing it - kinda looks like rubbish. Try these two instead:

//Persona EXP Multiplier

//Hero EXP Multiplier

In place of the x's, use 840 for 2x, 880 for 4x, 8C0 for 8x, 900 for 16x, 940 for 32x (see the pattern?) all the way up to BC0 for 32768x. I know the Persona EXP multi works for sure.
thanks guys! I'll attempt to remove the master code like you suggested keleh, if that doesn't work then I'll use the codes Riot provided. I just wanted a exp multiplier for everyone which is why i didn't use the Hero exp multiplier to begin with Tongue unless that persona exp multiplier works for the other characters as well? *goes and tries this* lol
The Persona EXP multi only works on the Hero's Persona, iirc.

Here's another code that I hacked myself if you're interested. Basically makes the hero invincible by giving him both mirrors, constant power/mind charge and all the -kaja skills...but that pretty much made the game too easy Tongue (note that this doesn't apply to unblockable attacks)

//Hero - Mirrors + Charge + Boosts

PS: If you really want multipliers for the rest of the characters and can't find a working code, let me know and I'll try to hack one out for you.
lol it's the same problem as mine Mellow

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