Persona 3 FES help
So I'm level 39, and I keep dying to the Hanged Man boss on the November full moon. I'm playing on Easy, recklessly used all my Plume of Dusk, and....... yeah. Have I screwed up irreparably? Do I need to start the whole game again from scratch? I saved after running through Tatarus and becoming tired the night before it. Any advice would be much appreciated!

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Abuse save states like crazy. When you reload a state if you wait around 30 seconds the boss will possibly use a different attack than previously(if you don't wait it will always play out the same way with the same result).
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If you are going to cheat like that you could also just cheat and use a pnach cheat file

If you have the ntsc (US version) then hopefully this thread should help

Just remember to thank the person who made the codes. (With rep.... please don't bump a 3-4 year old thread to post thanks)

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