Persona 3 FES low frame rate
hello, i'm completely new to pcsx2,  just downloaded the latest version just a few mins ago, so i'm a total noobs at configuring the emu, i did read the FAQ, configuration guide, and the troubleshooting FAQ, but i don't quite understand most of it :/
the game only run at 20-30 fps, EE around 95% and GS around 15-25% 
is it my laptop or my configuration? since i don't understand anything so i think its the configuration xD

this is my laptop spec :
OS : windows 8.1 64 bit
processor : AMD A8-6410 APU
graphics : AMD Radeon R5

sorry for the bad English and thanks in advance Laugh

*ps : if you guys wanna tell your configuration for P3FES, please use images so i can apply the exact thing on my pcsx2 settings xD, i get confused easily if i see too many words xD

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Your CPU isn't very good for PCSX2. To get the most out of it go to the Config tab> Emulation Settings > Speedhacks tab and make sure the MTVU speedhack is turned on. If you're using software mode, go to Config > Video (GS) > Plugin Settings and set Rendering threads to 3.
oh, i was thinking its the configuration since i did't touch anything there xD
so its my spec :/ but thanks for answering :3

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