Persona 3 FES minor imput lag and graphics glitch
Hello there,

as the topic suggests, I'm experiencing minor input lag when playing P3 FES - it only lags for split seconds, but it's something that could get maddening over time given the game's kind of atrocious interface and the amount of navigation it requires.

I'm running with the lillypad plugin and a 360 controller (though the lag also occurs when I use the keyboard). I tried playing around with various rendering modes (DX9, 11, hardware, software etc.) and VSYNC, none of it helped. It's also not a performanec problem I think, the game runs at a solid 50 FPS (it's a PAL disc) or at ~120-130 when unlocked. Is there anything else I could try?

I'm also having a very minor graphics glitch where the borders of dialogue boxes aren't displayed correctly:
Completely tolerable, but it'd be great if there's a fix I haven't found yet.

I've only recently thought of trying out emulation and have been blown away buy how much better everything looks by basically rendering the same old assets at higher res and applying some filtering. This software is an awesome piece of work!

Cheers Smile

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If running from a disc, try making an iso image of the game and run that instead
[Image: newsig.jpg]
That did indeed alleviate the problem somewhat, thanks a lot! It's still not 100% instant, but barely recognizable now and it might actually have been that way on the PS2 itself.

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