Persona 3 FES on Surface Pro 2
I'm sure many among us have contemplated the possibility of playing one's favorite PS2 games on the go using an ultrabook or a convertible PC.

I've been playing P3 FES on PCSX2 1.2.1 using a Surface Pro 2 (Intel i5 4300U, Intel HD 4400, 4 GB RAM) and it works quite well.

I'm not using any speedhacks, and aside from GSdx, every plugin has its default configuration.
GSdx is set to use D3D11(Hardware), uses FXAA and renders at 2x native resolution.

The game remains stable at 60 FPS (though rarely, slow downs are noticeable). EE averages between 60% and 75% during the day, rarely spiking to 90%, and between 75% and 90% in Tartarus, even maxing out at 100% from time to time (during which the framerate can drop to 50 FPS). GS averages at 10% - 25%, rarely spiking at 35%. UI is almost always 0%, rarely 3%.

OpenGL seems to always crash PCSX2, regardless of hardware or software mode (bad Intel drivers?)

Since P3 FES is the only PS2 game I own, I won't test any other game on my setup, even when asked.

What I wanted to ask, out of pure curiosity, is how P3 FES compares to other PS2 games. Is it particularly resource hungry or resource friendly? Is it about average?

With all that being said, have fun with your mobile gaming.

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Persona 3 FES is the most resource friendly i tried.....Is almost perfectly emulated on Pcsx2 Smile And Persona 4 too.....The same....For me the worst was Final Fantasy X....
P3FES isn't that heavy, but there are some monsters in Tartarus who will slow down your game to a crawl, best solution for that then is to run in Software mode (Press F9) FFX is a more milder game though then P3FES or P4. But your EE values are quite high, mainly due to your CPU being a Ultrabook version and is quite slower then a desktop cpu ofcourse. But if you can play P3FES with no issues then well good for you ^^.

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