Persona 3:FES problem
Ok, so I've been playing P3:FES for a couple of days now, and the only thing I've noticed is that it slows down during the fight scenes. It speeds up with I use my evoker, but then slows down after the attack. I can live with that. But on the 26th-27th of May day transition, it says "Lunchtime" and it never shows up. over in the program log, it start flooding with a "failed" error message. There is a screen shot that I posted. It just keeps scrolling with the error message until I shut the game down.

My system specs are:

Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium
Intel Core i3-2100 CPU @ 3.10GHz

I'm playing the Undub version. I assume because I've been able to play the game for so long without any issues and it's just a sudden failure, something must of happened to the iso. If that is the case, if I redownload the iso, will it cancel out my save data?

Thank you in advance! Would really like to finish this game. :\ Worst case scenario, I'll buy it. It's worth it. Laugh

[Image: 1zn6fzo.png]

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You downloaded the game?????
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