Persona 3 FES randomly hanging?
I've had this issue for several days know. I'm currently running PCSX2 1.6.0 on Windows 10, and have modded the game itself. The game will randomly hang out of nowhere, specifically during the combat. Sometimes I enter a battle and no UI pops up and I can't do anything. The game isn't frozen, the characters and enemies are moving but there's no UI and its unresponsive. Sometimes I'll finish a fight and the game will freeze on the XP gained screen. The music will continue to play but the game will remain unresponsive. Pressing triangle to open the menu has also crashed the game twice in the past. As I said the game is modded, but the hanging is random from what I can tell so troubleshooting by disabling certain mods is somewhat tedious. I'll attach a screenshot of some of the mods, as well as the last couple lines of the latest crash from the emuLog. Anyone encounter this before?

SRD: sceOpen error = -5
HTCI: File cache was not hit. "BGM/26.ADX"
SRD: sceOpen error = -5
SRD: sceOpen error = -5
PS2RNA: Warning : IOP load is high! sampling frequency=44100[Hz]
SRD: sceOpen error = -5
SRD: sceOpen error = -5
HTCI: File cache was not hit. "BTL¥SND_BENC¥PANEL¥/BP_ALL.BIN"

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what if you disable all mods ?
just to make sure the problem isn't coming from them.

also, please post the full emulog.txt
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