Persona 3 FES shadow bug
Anyone else get this? It's only at the s. link menu so it's not a big deal but it's kinda annoying, the shadows overlap the sprites instead of the other way around. Using the GSdx 3693 plugin in SSE4, DX11. Don't have this VU clip flag hack on, whatever that does, since I'm using microVU recompiler and it says thats not for it. Tried in Dx9 mode and get same bug. Any idea how to fix?

[Image: bugwgn.jpg]


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It's GSdx, a (software) renderer should show it correctly.
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(01-31-2011, 07:40 AM)Shadow Lady Wrote: It's GSdx, a (software) renderer should show it correctly.

You're right that fixes it, thanks. Although I doubt I will be doing this as DX11 software mode simply looks terrible compared to hardware on my system.

Is there really no other way to fix it besides software renderer? I don't really want to play @ 720x480

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